Reviewing the Weider 8525 Home Gym

The weider 8525 home gym is an excellent model with different stations allowing you to do a variety of exercises that can cover every muscle group in the body. Not only that, but it has an extremely variable resistance potential, which means that it can be used for anything from muscle toning to an all out bulking-up program.

No matter what your requirements in terms of resistance, this model can probably handle them, offering resistances between 6.5 pounds right up to 300 pounds of resistance and beyond.

The best part is that this home gym is reasonably compact, which means that you won't need a lot of room to set it up in. The gym will fit in an area about five feet in length by three feet in width, and stands about as high as a grown man. That is VERY compact for the number of exercises this gym lets you do and the number of stations it offers.

Let's review the kinds of exercises you can do on this gym.

  • There's the overhead pulldown, of course, a wonderful exercise for developing the muscles of the upper torso.
  • Then there's a tricep isolater and a butterfly press.
  • There's a leg press that can be used either forward or backward, and a number of other possible exercises as well.

If you combine this with a set of free weights, there's absolutely no limit to the potential a weider 8525 home gym has for enhancing and maintaining your personal fitness.

Now we'll talk about assembly and workmanship. One gets variable reviews here, with many people who've bought these gyms saying that the parts are badly labeled and that the workmanship is shoddy. However, while the Weider 8525 home gym is difficult to assemble, most people find that it works just fine once put together. Also, there's a 90 day warranty on the parts, so I'd suggest that you make putting it together a priority once it arrives.

The gym will be in four sections, consisting of a frame assembly and the section that handles the press and butterfly arm. Then there will be the cable and pulley section, and of course the seat and the back rest. The instructions aren't really all the difficult to understand, but some technical knowledge, or at least handiness with tools might be necessary to put this thing together.

You won't need too many tools for this job. Let's see, you'll probably need adjustable crescent wrenches, a standard and a phillips screwdriver, and a rubber mallet. Once you put the weider 8525 home gym together, work each cable to ensure that it moves smoothly.

If you find an issue with the movements of any of the cable, it's best to correct it at once, before it results in permanent damage.

Another thing to check for is whether any of the cables are rubbing against the frame or the pulleys - that's another thing that can cause problems later, as the cable naturally wears out.

All in all, the weider 8535 home gym is really a product built to last, and one that will give trouble free service for years to come.