Weider 8530 Home Gym: Your Own Personal Fitness System

The Weider 8530 Home Gym has earned incredibly mixed reviews, so what's the deal with that?!

Well there are many "Weider-Haters" out there but the machines are reliable for the most part.

Joe Weider is perhaps one of the best known bodybuilders in the world today as a result of the immense success that his home gym systems have had over the years since they were first introduced. Popular and reliable, they offer a range of systems to suit every requirement and specification and the Weider 8530 Home Gym is no different.

This is one of the mid-priced Weider models available today and is easily more affordable than the more complex machines that can be found at the top end of the price spectrum. You will have to search on auction sites like ebay.com in order to find one because this model has been discontinued.

Also if you are buying through an auction site, make sure you get the manual or you can use manualsonline.com to search for the manual. I have seen a copy of the manual for this model.

This is a major advantage because you can find a great deal on the price and it does not really reflect the features of the Weider 8530 system at all.

There is much more to it than meets the eye.

For example, unlike the other systems in the range, it goes back to the old weights system for resistance, which is maxed out at 275lbs. As such, it draws on traditional weights training rather than the newer resistance models and this is a major plus in gym fans' eyes. It can certainly tone up your physique or add a little muscle in no time.

The Weider 8530 incorporates a wide range of exercises, 3 to be exact. That includes the leg lever, bench press, lat pull, butterfly, military press and low pulley, amongst others.

Although there are numerous positives of this model, there is a negative point too. The main negative of the Weider 8530 system is the amount of time it takes to reconfigure the machine as you move from one exercise to another.

It can take some time to sort out changes and this will add time to your workout but this may not bother you. If you do want a quick workout then you might want to stick to just one or two exercises but if you have time then the reconfiguration may not be that much of an issue for you.

As with most Weider machines, the positives outweigh the negatives with the Weider 8530 Home Gym. If you can find a great deal, it can provide the means you need to build muscle and tone at home without breaking the bank.