Weider 9640 Home Gym Review

The Weider 9640 Home Gym is a great option if you're looking for a high quality home gym on a tight budget.

In terms of general use, the gym is very good and provides a good level of resistance. The 300lbs maximum resistance should be more than enough for most exercise routines.

You can also feel confident when using the machine that it's not going to collapse due to its sturdiness and high standard of materials used to construct it.

There are instructions provided on how to carry out a wide choice of exercises with this gym, my only suggestion here would be a more in-depth step by step guide to ensure that the exercises are carried out correctly and safely.

The assembly is not too difficult. You will be able to manage putting it together on your own over a period of a few hours. In total it will probably take you about 5 hours which isn't too bad considering you don't have to be the best at following instructions from product manuals. For the more 'hands on' individual I would expect it to take about 3 hours.

In terms of price and value for money it is a great option. After looking into several other products on the market, you'll find that the weider 9640 home gym proves to be one of the best value-for-money gyms around. There are bigger brands selling similar products at higher prices but I can't seem to justify paying more money for pretty much the same product!

I have highlighted the main positives and negatives below:


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Excellent weight resistance (up to 300lbs)
  • Well built to a high standard leaving the user confident of safety
  • Wide choice of exercises available
  • Reasonable price compared to other brand's products


  • In need of a more in depth guide of how to use the various aspects of the gym
  • Can take over 3 weeks to replace a lost part (so be careful when assembling!)

All in all I would recommend the Weider 9640 Home Gym to prospective buyers as it will meet all your needs of a home gym while being sold at a great price compared to others on the market.