Weider Max Ultra Home Gym Review

Consider the Weider Max Ultra Home Gym as the newer and cheaper alternative to the market leading 'Bowflex'. The Max Ultra is designed around the idea of being a space saving piece of equipment, which allows the bench to be folded up in order to store away at your convenience.

The Max Ultra also has a very advanced resistance source, giving you a total of 240lbs compound resistance. The high and low pulleys which come with this model allow you to perform dozens of exercises with this powerful system.

As well as the excellent weight training available with the Weider Max Ultra Home Gym you can also participate in some aerobic training in your workout using the fitted rowing seat. This will enable an even more thorough workout! The rowing machine is also ideal as using as a warm up prior to your weight training in order to get your blood flowing for a good pump. It also comes as standard with six resistance bars, a fully padded leg developer, and a multi position padded bench.


  • A very effective resistance system using the 'bow' system
  • Construction is very strong and sturdy while at the same time offers flexible pulleys enabling a full range of exercises
  • Excellent for space saving, folds up very conveniently for storage
  • Cheaper and in my opinion a better alternative to the 'Bowflex' - under half the price
  • Added bonus of having the fitted rowing seat
  • High resistance of 240lbs
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty
  • Resistance increases through your range of motion
  • Excellent for beginners and intermediates


  • I don't think that this gym would be suited to serious body builders or pro athletes.
  • Unsure how long the bars will last as they do bend a lot when under a lot of stress!
  • Can take a while to set up. Make sure you set aside a good 4-5 hours in order to set the whole gym up.

The Bottom Line

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages and I would recommend buying this piece of equipment as an alternative to the Bowflex.

So, if you are very serious about buying a high quality home gym at a reasonable price then go for the Weider Max Ultra Home Gym.